Hi, Laura Meyers here. Started this blog April 15, 2009.
I am currently passionate about photographing birds, butterflies and other wonders of nature. My background is in fine art as a painter and sculptor. Over the years, I gradually gravitated towards the computer as a fine art tool availing myself of the latest technologies within my reach. I have been using digital photography for quite a few years and have always been comfortable learning and utilizing the latest hardware and software to complete my vision. Photographing birds and other wildlife is particularly satisfying when working on a large high definition monitor where I can continue to explore the intricacies of nature. And with the growth of the internet, sharing my art with others is simpler than ever. I currently live and work in the East Village in Manhattan.

I am currently using a CANON EOS 5D Mark III with the CANON 300mm 2.8 lens usually with the Canon 2X extender for birds. I use the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens for insects. I bring my pictures into Adobe Lightroom and finish them off in Photoshop. I use Photodex Producer to put together slide shows with video and music that are not shown on this site.

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