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Stuyvesant Cove is located on the East River between 20th and 24th Streets in Manhattan.

Bumblebee on Sneezeweed Flower

The picture of ths Bumblebee on Sneezeweed Flower was taken at Stuyvesant Cove Park in New York City. This picture was taken with a Canon 100mm Macro lens on a Canon EOS 20D. I use the Canon 580EXII flash on the hotshoe of the camera as a fill flash.

I am finding the combination of the Canon EOS20D with the Canon 100mm Macro lens a winning combination for Macro shots. I can hand hold it and get in really close to the subject. Auto focusing is fast and accurate as long as the subject is not moving.

Honey Bee

The picture of this Honey Bee was taken at Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River in New York City. This picture was taken with the CANON EOS 20D with the CANON 100MM, f2.8 Macro lens. I really like the combination of the CANON EOS20D with this Macro lens. I tried working with the CANON EOS7D and the CANON 100 Macro lens and found it really hard to focus correctly.
I have really been enjoying going regularly to Stuyvesant Cove park and taking my time getting pictures of the insects and fauna and flora that I find in my neighborhood.

Gray Catbird

The picture of this Gray Catbird was taken at Stuyvesant Cove. I have been going to Stuyvesant Cove Park which is a beautiful small park that goes from 18th Street to 23rd Street on the East River. It is very well managed Solar One.
I have been taking pictures of the more abundant New York City birds and I had an interesting discovery. Since these birds are very accessible, I have less anxiety about getting the shot. I can take more time setting up my shot and trying new technique since I am not so worried about making sure I get the bird because I may never have a chance to shoot it again.
I am very happy with the detail and sharpness of the feathers. I love the eyes and the “personality” of this bird.