American White Pelican

The picture of this vagrant American White Pelican was taken at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.The American White Pelican occurs mainly in western and southern portions of North America, breeding inland in colonies on remote islands and wintering along warm southern coasts. Since this one American White Pelican has been spending the last few weeks at the East Pond of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, he has obviously lost his way which is called a vagrant bird in the birding vernacular. This is a male breeding American Pelican as indicated by the notch on the center of the beak.
This picture was taken with the CANON EOS7D and the CANON 100-400mm lens. I finally was able to get close enough to the American White Pelican to get a decent shot. I had been seeing it from the south side of the East Pond but I finally walked up to the “Raunch” through the fragmites in order to get as close as I could to this beautiful bird.

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