Common Yellowthroat Warbler Male

The picture of this Common Yellowthroat Male Warbler was taken in Central Park at the Point. I stayed around the point for a few hours this past week and was able to watch the ebb and flow of the various migrants. There were quite a few Common Yellowthroat Warbler about.

CLICK BELOW to hear the distinctive song of the Common Yellowthroat Warbler.

2 thoughts on “Common Yellowthroat Warbler Male

  1. JK Canepa

    Went to see the warblers in Flowering Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie last weekend; I sure heard them but wasn’t quick enough to see. By the way, no peach trees in that park because they replaced them with an orchard of apple trees. So lovely to walk around following all the songs in the trees. Thanks for this song, Laura.

  2. Laura Meyers

    It is great to be able to identify the birds by their songs. I am glad these posts are helping you. Thanks JK

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