Red-belled Woodpecker

The picture of this Red-bellied Woodpecker with his tongue out was taken at the Bronx Zoo. The picture of this Red-bellied Woodpecker was taken with the CANON EOS7D and the CANON 100-400mm lens and the CANON 580EXII flash.

It was interesting to learn that Woodpeckers have tongues that are up to three time larger than their beak which enables them to capture insects. You can see some of his tongue in this picture.

The fact that I get to discover so many wonderful facts about birds by studying the pictures of these little guys on my computer monitor is a major joy for me.

1 thought on “Red-belled Woodpecker

  1. Bobbi

    Thank you for such beautiful pictures. I did learn some info about the red bellied woodpeckers.. I have a family of them in the tree outside my window. My cats and i bird and wildlife watch every morning..You pictures are beautiful. Have a nice day… :=))

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