Seaside Sparrow

This picture of this Seaside Sparrow was taken at the Oceanside Marine Study Area. The picture of this Seaside Sparrow was taken with the CANON EOS7D and the CANON 100-400mm lens and the CANON 580EXII flash.

The Seaside Sparrow eats tiny young crabs,
and other small marine animals and is usually very hard to detect because it lives near the ground in the grass.

I attended a photography workshop led by David Speiser through the New York City Audubon Society Saturday which facilitated my getting this nice capture.

1 thought on “Seaside Sparrow

  1. Lorenz

    What a lovely texture on this little guys feathers, like he has dried off after a boogie board session.
    Easy to see why he’d be tough to spot in the usual habitat.

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