Tree Swallow and My Breakthough with My Canon EOS7D Camera

Tree Swallow

Originally uploaded by Laura Meyers

The picture of this adorable Tree Swallow was taken at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Sunday April 11. I had a big breakthrough with my Canon EOS 7D camera this weekend. I have owned this camera for about four months and have been really frustrated trying to get better pictures than I did with the Canon EOS40D that I owned before. I am very motivated because I love having the 18MP size on the Canon EOS7D because I can crop way down in order to get in close on a small bird such as this.
When I first started with the Canon EOS7D, I pretty much used it as I did the Canon 40D not wanting to spend the time learning the new autofocus system, etc. Reading the CanonEOS7D manual was not very helpful. I purchased the Charlotte Lowrie book which was one of the first to come out and was not inspired. I got a little more information from the Magic Lantern Guide for the Canon EOS7D but I remained frustrated at the noisy soft pictures i was getting.
Additional I was scouring the web and nothing struck me.
I purchased the Arthur Morris guide and a small thing he said about how the sharpening is really soft in the RAW format (and can be made more sharp in the menu) made me review my sharpening options. I was using the clarity function in lightroom and the smart sharpen option in Photoshop CS3 and getting really lousy results.
I set upon checking out what other options I could do – like unsharp mask, etc. What worked for me was using the sharpening option in Lightroom – especially the detail slider. I bypassed clarity entirely. I feel like I have overcome a big hurdle and am no longer ready to through the Canon EOS7D out the window. And I can continue my learning curve with some clarity as to where to go next.

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