Ebony Jewelwing Damselflies

The picture of these Ebony Jewel Damselflies in wheel position was taken at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester, NY. I used the CANON EOS 7D with the CANON 100mm – 400 mm lens to make this capture.
This picture shows the dragonsflies mating. When drgaonflies mate, the male flies above her and lands on her back, bends his abdomen far forward and deposits sperm on the underside of his second abdominal segment, which is the site of his penis. Then, grasping the female behind the head with a pair of forceps-like structures at the end of his abdomen, he flies off with her in tandem. When she is ready to mate, she curls her abdomen down and forward to place its end under the male’s second abdominal segment, which has structures to hold it in place while the sperm are transferred to her reproductive tract.

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