House Sparrow with a feather in his cap

While in my Gulls-in-flight practice shooting mode zone ( oops I forgot that I was going to post my special Gull in flight picture today )this little feathery friend happened in my field of camera sight. I believe his purpose was to bring this feather to his nest and I caugt a moment. A Tree Sparrow has a very lowly status as these things go in the human treatise of birds. I actually get to see Tree Sparrows more than any other bird becuase I live in the heart of Manhattan.
The questioin I ask myself is should I even post a Tree Sparrow? One of the most critical parts of my photography process is deciding which pictures to work with, delete, post, etc. I am trying to develop a voice in this genre – so there are many unanswered questions at the moment. My decisions are based on my personal emotional reaction to a picture.
This can be easily overridden by a “great” technical capture.
It is a process.

4 thoughts on “House Sparrow with a feather in his cap

  1. Laura Meyers Post author

    Yes, you may. Is there anyway you can give me credit for the picture and/or link back to my blog?
    I am glad you enjoy the picture.

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