Herring Gull in flight

In order to continue my attempt to improve my skills in shooting birds in flight with my Canon EOS7D, I have been going to where the Gulls are. This was taken just past the Verrazano Bridge off the Belt Parkway on the perfect day. It was overcast and windy when we pulled into the parking lot. I noticed the spot where the Gulls were stalled in the air by wind and I got as close as i could to the gulls and started clicking away.
Once again I came home with a bunch of noisy pictures from my Canon EOS7D but I did some serious work in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and came up with a few pictures I am very pleased with.
Inherently I am the type of person that likes to break rules. The one here of not having the whole bird in the shot I think works really well. I worked on other pictures where the bird was cut out of the frame that I would have normally deleted and I am reallly liking the sense of movement that is being created.

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