Red-tailed Hawk on Tulip Tree

The picture of Red-tailed Hawk on Tulip Tree was taken in Prospect Park. The picture of this Red-tailed Hawk on Tulip Tree was taken with the CANON EOS7D and the CANON 100-400mm lens and the CANON 580EXII flash.

Starting to look alot like Spring!

2 thoughts on “Red-tailed Hawk on Tulip Tree

  1. lorenz

    yay spring ! Curious how effective the flash was at what was probably some distance ?
    Beautiful tree, sky, and pretty bird, yum.

  2. Brenda from Flatbush

    Just found this site with your amazing work, and since much of it is from Prospect Park, I’ve linked you to my park blog, “Prospect: A Year in the Park” ( You take the kind of pictures I can only dream of with my current level of equipment; I welcome guest shots (hint hint) if you’d like to share (full credit always given). Stop by and say hello!

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