White-throated Sparrow

Still feeling challenged by the CanonEOS7D, I am trying to be very diligent and attentive to my capture technique. The previous camera combination I used was the CanonEOS40D with the same Canon 100-400 lens. My keeper ratio was much higher. I had gotten to the point that I could correctly tell that i was “latched on” properly for the shot during the capture. I cannot yet judge the sharpness level at the time of capture with CanonEOS7D.
I had a passing thought to go back to using the CanonEOS40D. I went through previous pictures and crictically reviewed and compared shots between the two camera bodies.
My conclusion so far is that I like the 18 MP and utilizing the additional information of the capture. When I get a right on capture, I am way ahead with CanonEOS7D.

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