Tree Swallows

Tree Swallows on Box

Tree Swallows on Nest Box

It is wonderful to have the Tree Swallows back inhabiting the air space and nest boxes at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. And as you can see, they are being their same chatty selves. Tree Swallows winter farther north than any other American swallows and return to their nesting grounds long before other swallows come back.

Golden-crowned Kinglet Male

Golden-crowned Kinglet Male
The picture of this Golden-crowned Kinglet was taken at the Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Green-wood Cemetery is one of my favorite places to photograph birds. Needless to say it is very quiet and peaceful. I am always surprised at what birds show up. I like to explore around Sylvan Waters which is where I found this very hundgry Golden-crowned Kinglet today.