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Ring-billed Gull in Flight Closeup

This interesting closeup of this Ring-billed Gull was taken at Stuyvesant Cove on the East River in Manhattan. Ring-billed Gulls in many cases will winter at the same location every year and there are many Ring-billed Gulls that visit Stuyvesant Cove during the winter. It has become one of my favorite locations to photograph Gulls and this year cormorants.

Least Tern in flight

The picture of this Least Tern in flight was taken at Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach, NY. I think I am starting to resolve some of the noise problems with the CANONEOS7D in the final picture. Most of the CANON EOS7D noise problems show up in the light areas of the pictures. It really helps to get the perfect settings during capture but with birds in flight, it is more difficult to be right on.
I use Noise Ninja when in Adobe Photoshop and then use the history brush to “bring back” the original sharpness of the subject. I found that when in Noise Ninja, using the history brush, I change the opacity of the brush many times in order to control the amount of noise or sharpness remaining in the final picture.
In this picture of the Least Tern, I left all of the Noise Ninja filtering in the white areas and was selective in the gray areas so that I could get the impact of the feather detail.