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  3. Paul Baird

    Hello Laura, great website. I recently have been following your updates via Google Alerts. I am a amateur nature photograph. I notice you use a flash where I would never have expected it to be useful, such as with your 100-400mm lens. Are you collimating the light with any add on flash attachment and are you using Canons E-TTL feature?
    Merry Christmas, Paul

  4. Laura Meyers

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your comments.
    I use something called a better beamer which attaches to my flash and does focus and magnify the flash onto the subject. I do use the E-TTL feature and most of the time have the meter set for -3 so that I get an easy fill flash and enhanced glint if necessary. In the case of this Black Vulture picture, I did need additional light because of the heavy fog. I hope this is helpful.
    Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Guy

    Hi Laura I have to say how much I love your blog. My wife and I made a short trip to New York in Sept but thru your blog we see a different side of the city, one we barely imagined. This shot is just so wonderful with the powerful juxtapostion of one of the most icon building in the world as a background to the eternal cycle of migration. May I add you to my links?


  6. lorenz

    yay spring ! Curious how effective the flash was at what was probably some distance ?
    Beautiful tree, sky, and pretty bird, yum.

  7. Brenda from Flatbush

    Just found this site with your amazing work, and since much of it is from Prospect Park, I’ve linked you to my park blog, “Prospect: A Year in the Park” (www.ayearinthepark.typepad.com). You take the kind of pictures I can only dream of with my current level of equipment; I welcome guest shots (hint hint) if you’d like to share (full credit always given). Stop by and say hello!

  8. Lorenz

    the sparrow is adorable but I am especially thrilled with the roller-coaster tangle of vine !

  9. JK Canepa

    Fitting that you recognize the wisdom of the female song sparrow in choosing the male with the best song! And I know you also recognize a great voice when you hear it.

  10. Lorenz

    Prothonotary is right, nice outfit !
    Fascinating that a flash can be useful at the sort of distance these were shot from …

  11. Laura Meyers

    I set the flash at very low. When shooting small songbirds such as these, they are most likely in shady, dark, hidden places that need light.

  12. Lorenz and Flutter

    Flutter, upon seeing this lovely specimen says “little birdie!!”

  13. Lorenz

    A parula ! We never heard of a parula before and he/she is very sporty. Flutter got very excited seeing this lovely creature and promptly declared “Little birdie!” once again.

  14. Lorenz

    What a lovely texture on this little guys feathers, like he has dried off after a boogie board session.
    Easy to see why he’d be tough to spot in the usual habitat.

  15. Laura Meyers

    And the song is so pretty also. In fact I will add the song to this post – since I have figured that out – come back in a bit to listen.

    Thanks so much for your support Lorenz!

  16. suzan frecon

    I loved hearing the video.Fabulous ( and instructive)! Do you have audio videos of other birds too?

    Thank You!!

  17. JK Canepa

    What a delicately marked bird! My friend calls himself Tim Vireo in tribute to this creature. Thanks, Laura, for the glimpse. Getting your photos is a real treat.

  18. Kathy Calabrese

    Hi, Laura!!! Your work is becoming positively incredible! I have a new email address, and I have a signed purchase offer on the house. Life is good in Buffalo–very, very busy. My practice is growing by leaps and bounds, and I’m doing lots of neurofeedback. I will call you very soon so we can catch up on all our news. Be sure to send me your daily pic on my new account! Love, Kathy

  19. Lorenz

    Wow such feathers !
    That longest group with a tapering end are amazing.
    And the layered groups of shorter feathers that put power into the longest ones without breaking them how splendid.

  20. Lorenz

    Magnificent ! A quintessential summer bug.
    Looks like someone took a bite out of one of those wings.

  21. lorenz

    We just saw “Black Swan” and the wings on this lovely creature remind me of some of those flowing gestures.

  22. Laura Meyers

    Hi Kaylan, Thanks for your comments. I used a better beamer on my Canon flash which may be what you are referring to as a flash extender. It does a similar function.

  23. Laura Meyers

    Thanks for your comments Guy. I was happy to get this shot. It seems there were two Yellow-billed Cuckoos in Central Park last week. They are very shy and are heard more than they are seen.

  24. Kalyan

    Hi Laura, Thanks for your quick response. I have one more question. Did you use tripod for the shot or was it a handheld shot. Photographs published here are beautiful.


  25. Roger

    Fantastic! I take photos of red-tails in NYC as well and just love this series of posts of yours. I just got the same camera kit you used (Canon EOS 7D and Canon 100-400mm lens). Best of luck to you to find more red-tails! They’re migrating now so you have plenty of opportunities. My hawk photos are here: http://rogerpaw.blogspot.com/

    All the best,

  26. David

    Just used this picture to identify a woodpecker I took a picture of! It’s harder to take a picture thru the window with the bird moving from branch to branch on a magnolia which has lots of branches:-)
    Thanks, David

  27. gary greene

    Hi Laura ,you have a great site and a great talent..I noticed that you are getting some photo,s with a canon7d /canon100-400. It excites me to see this as I just got one for Christmas. I am into birds and fur-bearers,bears ,bobcats,fishers,fox and coyote,etc. Gonna get busy as the winter progresses… Keep up the goos work and send me a line once in a while… may God bless you Gary greene

  28. Guy

    Hi Laura

    You are getting some great photos in Florida I really like the Wood Stork it is such an impressive bird.


  29. Guy

    Hi Laura

    I just love the colouring you captured. What a striking bird when it is seen with this much detail and definition.

    All the best.

  30. Guy

    Hi Laura

    The colouring on this shot is wonderful. I love the brown and blue of the water as a background to all the shades of brown and grey in the gull’s wings.


  31. Guy

    Hi Laura

    Lots of lovely photos of birds in flight, great work.

    Swallows are always beautiful with their sleek streamlined shape.


  32. Ralph Tiner


    I’ve written a book on tidal wetlands to be published by the University of Massachusetts Press in 2013 and am looking for a few photos of salt marsh birds for a one-page figure. I found your clapper rail photo online and thought it would be great to show it with the other bird photos I have. Would you be willing to let me use it for this book (Tidal Wetlands Primer)? I’m also looking for a photo of the salt marsh sharp-tailed sparrow.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Ralph Tiner

  33. we

    thanks for the id!! we saw them this morning and found this on google images for new york butterflies. now we have a name for it. funny it is called red.

  34. Corinne Buchet

    What a variety of notes !
    and so clear
    Thank you Laura
    Its a great pleasure to hear it

  35. Laura Meyers

    Thanks for your comments, Corinne. It is amazing how complex some of the bird songs are. I plan to include more birdsongs with my posts.

  36. JK Canepa

    Went to see the warblers in Flowering Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie last weekend; I sure heard them but wasn’t quick enough to see. By the way, no peach trees in that park because they replaced them with an orchard of apple trees. So lovely to walk around following all the songs in the trees. Thanks for this song, Laura.

  37. Laura Meyers

    It is great to be able to identify the birds by their songs. I am glad these posts are helping you. Thanks JK

  38. Laura Meyers

    Hi Guy, It is one of my favorite Warblers also. Thanks for your comments. Nice to hear from you. Best, Laura

  39. Guy

    Hi Laura

    A great shot of the Orchard Oriole your posting really inspire me to work on my own bird photos.


  40. Laura Meyers

    Thanks Guy, I got really luck with this shot. And yes you should work on your own bird photos.
    Warm regards,

  41. Laura Meyers

    I have gotten quite a few shots on this particular log at Big John Pond at Jamaica Bay. It is in really nice proximity to the blind.
    Thanks for your comments, Guy.

  42. Guy

    Hi Laura

    What a photo everything was perfect, the detail, the colours in the wasp and the flower.


  43. Patrick Acker

    Please send me phone # so i may speak with someone about purchasing ‘Northern Male Cardinal’ on snowy pine pic. my # is 269365298. Thank you!

  44. Bobbi

    Thank you for such beautiful pictures. I did learn some info about the red bellied woodpeckers.. I have a family of them in the tree outside my window. My cats and i bird and wildlife watch every morning..You pictures are beautiful. Have a nice day… :=))

  45. etta boetttger

    Hi. I have one or two in the my back woods – I know they have a distinctive sound but I just saw white under the head area. thanks. this confirms my answer.

  46. JK

    What a cute voice this little guy has, and a tiny body, and to think he (and she) can swim all that distance from the Northeast way down the ocean. I am just amazed by the power of the natural world. Even of its small wonders.

  47. Audrey O

    Hi Laura, I have a blog with about 40 or so unique visitors, most of whom are my family, about my journey to becoming a beekeeper. Would it be alright to use your photo of a yellow jacket for a new post I’m working on about different types of bees? I found your fantastic picture via google images. I will certainly cite your work and of course leave the watermark.

  48. Guy

    Hi Laura

    I always enjoy seeing someone transform a fairly commonly seen bird into a creature of such unexpected beauty.


  49. Guy

    Hi Laura

    Wow a beautiful striking bird but it sure looks like it has been around. You got wonderful shots in the tropics.


  50. Guy

    Hi Laura

    We saw Tanagers in Trinidad they are such neat birds. I love all the different species and beautiful colours.


  51. Guy

    Hi Laura

    I alwyas enjoy a really beautiful photo of a common bird it just really makes you rethink the animal’s place in the order of things and in this case especially appreciate their personality.


  52. Guy


    I have been seeing and photographing lots of Crosssbills this winter, this is a wonderful photo. It really captures the delicate beauty of their markings and feather patterns.


  53. Lynn S

    Thanks for posting this beautiful shot . It helped me ID the three in may yard today. March 9, 2013, Sharbot Lake Ontario.

  54. Jane

    These are beautiful photos. I love pictures of birds in flight. You are an amazing photographer.

  55. Guy

    Hi Laura

    Lovely detail on this photo you can really enjoy all the colours and the markings of the feathers.


  56. Laura Meyers

    Hi Tom, Good spotting. I did some poking around and believe it my be a hybrid between a Snow Goose and Domestic Goose because there is a faint orange eye ring on this bird that is found on the Domestic Goose and the body shape

  57. Samba

    Hi LauraI alwyas enjoy a relaly beautiful photo of a common bird it just relaly makes you rethink the animal’s place in the order of things and in this case especially appreciate their personality.RegardsGuy

  58. Grace

    Hey Linda I got one of those feeders last fall, and that darn red squreril ripped right thru it!!!Love the Nuthatches they are also kind of bossy at the feeder!!now a question I reposted an old blog, by changing the published date but it is not showing up on my followers blogs any ideas??? Maybe I should just post favorite pics..and forget about posting the old blogs in a quandry.. HELP!!!Cheers!Linda )

  59. DJ

    The pictured Hooded Merganser is an immature male, not a female. Note the yellow eyes and all-dark bill, both indicative of an immature male.

    I was searching for Merganser photos, and when I saw this one mislabeled, I thought you’d want to know.

  60. Dave

    Hello. I recently had a pair of these birds carved for me. I’m not surprised you needed a 400 mm lens, these birds are impossible to encounter up close. Well done